Sharing the RC Community Involvement Experience – Generating Change makers

Giving back to the community and doing volunteer work are a must in today’s world, where there are vast inequalities and sustainability issues. Starting out on this path as early as possible to create lifelong values is important. Robert College has been a trailblazer in this area for many years. A mandate in 2006 by the Ministry of Education to implement community service hours in all high schools enabled RC to restructure and enhance its preexisting programs in this area and share its experience widely.
The Community Involvement Program (CIP) allows students to work together to implement projects that fulfill a need in the community.
Generating The Community Involvement Program (CIP) at Robert College has impacted thousands of students around Turkey since it was formed in 2007. Striving to make this program a possibility in other schools, RC has developed an online course curriculum, based on its own experience over the last decade.

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